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Computer Skills

Before you work through the activities in Maricopa COOL (Computer Opportunities for Online Learning), you should know the basics of using a computer.  This page will ask you a series of questions about basic computer operations.  If you don't know the skills or would like to review it, click on "Teach me/review" or the pictures with words on them for more information about that skill.  In each one, you get brief instructions and a chance to practice the skill.

Each section can be completed in about one minute, so they aren't real long.  If you would rather go through the whole exercise, click here.  If you don't know what a button, icon, or link is, click here.

Using the Mouse
Do you know how to:
  1. hold a mouse? Teach me/review
  2. move a mouse? Teach me/review
  3. drag with a mouse? Teach me/review
  4. click using a mouse? Teach me/review

Do you know how to use:
  5. radio buttons? Teach me/review
  6. check boxes? Teach me/review
  7. drop-down menus? Teach me/review
  8. scrolling? Teach me/review
  9. scroll bar menus? Teach me/review
10. pop-up windows? Teach me/review
11. forms? Teach me/review
12. highlighting, copying
      and pasting text?
Teach me/review

Using Browsers

If you don't know what each symbol does, click on it for a description.

Internet Explorer
How do I get to an Internet site if I know the address? How do I get to an Internet site if I know the address?

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